Top 7 AI Stock Trading Bots Available Free

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Are you tired of the boring stock charts’ monitoring and searching for appropriate trading setups? Then AI stock trading bots are the best companions. These automated algorithm-based tools do the trading on your behalf. Trading bots not only find and execute trades based on your instructions but they will also eliminate emotional factors in trading.

Many platforms offer paid subscription-based stock trading bots. But why one should go for them when free ones are available for you? This article enlists 7 best AI stock trading bots available free of cost.

1. SpeedBot

Features: SpeedBot allows you to

  • Offers a no-code bot builder for automated stock trading
  • Allows users to create trading bots based on technical rules without programming knowledge.
  • Provides accurate backtesting
  • Supports technical indicator setup for defining trading strategies

2. Tradetron

Features: Tradetron is a platform that allows you to

  • Allows users to create and sell trading bots.
  • Offers a no-code bot creator for defining trade rules.
  • Provides backtesting capabilities to evaluate the effectiveness of strategies.
  • Supports the creation of custom trading bots tailored to specific trading habits.
  • Facilitates paper testing and deployment of bots in the marketplace

How to Use: Free sign up at and choose the algo settings for the stock you want to trade. Connect with a stock broker (compatible with 35 brokers from the US and Indian stock markets).

3. Zorro

A free stock trading bot by oP group Germany GmbH. It provides automation for trading strategies.

Key Features

  • grid trading to profit from volatility.
  • Allows for auto-buying low and selling high within a price range.
  • Supports persistence through SQLite for efficient trading operations.

How to Use: Go to, download the app and sign up to use it.

4. Composer

Composer app offers paid as well as free versions. The free version offers the following features

  • Offers unlimited backtesting capabilities.
  • Provides stock screeners for efficient market analysis.
  • Allows users to create trading strategies using a strategy builder.

How to Use:

Got to and free sign up to use composer trading bot.

5. Gekko

Key Features: Gekko is an open-source trading bot that

  • supports multiple exchanges
  • create and backtest trading strategies using historical data
  • offers a web interface for easy monitoring and configuration.

How to Use: To use Gekko, download the software from its official website and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, configure your trading strategy and let Gekko execute trades automatically based on your settings.

6. Freqtrade

Features: Freqtrade is an open-source bot designed for high-frequency trading. It offers

  • advanced trading strategies
  • supports multiple exchanges
  • tools for backtesting and optimizing strategies

How to Use: To use Freqtrade, download the bot from its GitHub repository and follow the installation instructions. Configure your trading strategy and let Freqtrade execute trades on your behalf.


Features: is a platform that allows you to

  • create and backtest trading strategies in a visual strategy editor
  • a marketplace where you can buy and sell trading strategies
  • tools for monitoring and analyzing your trading performance

How to Use: To use, sign up for an account on its official website. Create and backtest your trading strategy using the visual editor. Once you are satisfied with your strategy, deploy it to the live markets and let execute trades on your behalf.

Tips to Use Free AI Stock Trading Bots:

  • Diversify your assets in various bots
  • Keep capital small in the beginning
  • Keep an eye on news that may cause a huge fundamental shift

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